8 August 2022

Platform Economy

The Gig Podcast Episode 2: Taxi Wars

The Gig is about the women and men who work in the so-called 'gig economy' worldwide. They find work through online platforms, and will tell us why we all need to be concerned about the real future of work. Season 1: The Ride, will focus on workers for an app just about everyone has used: Uber.

In this episode you’ll hear a tale of two cities: Cape Town and New York. In Episode 1 we learned that the Uber business model was control over drivers. In Taxi Wars we learn that it’s also about controlling the regulators. You’ll hear how when the ride-hailing app companies came to new cities they didn’t just try to disrupt markets but to dismantle them.  Through the story of Derick, a driver in Cape Town we hear how the company operates in places where laws are weak. And then we meet NYC’s former Taxi and Limousine Commissioner, Meera Joshi, who tells us how she won her battles against Uber and Lyft and how other cities can fight for stronger enforcement.

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by Bama Athreya

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