1 December 2020

Platform Economy

Are Labour Regimes Keeping Up with the Gig Economy?

The rise of the platform economy and the associated ecosystem of digital work are upending the way people live and work. The pace of this transformation exceeds the capacity of regulatory institutions to keep up. Cenfri and the JustJobs Network, with support from the Emerging Markets Sustainability Dialogues programme (EMSD) at the German Development Corporation (GIZ) are launching a study that, with the help of case studies in Africa and Asia, sheds light on employment, working conditions, and labour and policy regimes for platform workers. In this webinar, we discussed the findings of this study with experts from research and digital platforms.

by Albert Van Der Linden, Brigitte Klein, Funda Ustek-Spilda, Georg Schaefer, Madhuranath R., Ore Boboye, Sabina Dewan
Centre For Financial Regulation And Inclusion, EMSD (Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues), Fairwork Foundation, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), Jobberman, JustJobs Network
Digital Platforms, Gig Economy, Labour Law, Labour Policy, Platform Workers, Social Protection

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