5 October 2021

Platform Economy

The Gig Podcast Episode 6: The End of the Road?

The Gig is about the women and men who work in the so-called 'gig economy' worldwide. They find work through online platforms, and will tell us why we all need to be concerned about the real future of work. Season 1: The Ride, will focus on workers for an app just about everyone has used: Uber.

We’ve followed the stories of several drivers throughout this season.  It’s been incredible to track the progress they have made standing up for their rights in the face of one of the world’s biggest platform companies.  In this final episode we reflect with them on what it all means, not just for them but for all of us.  Our collective actions are going to shape the future of work- but how?  We consider the fact that this conversation has never been just about Uber.  It’s about the platform economy and gig work generally, and making sure the future doesn’t just become a return to an exploitative past.  The drivers we’ve interviewed- Rebecca, James, Tess, Yaseen, Derick and others- reflect on how to reform the digital economy.

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by Bama Athreya
Collective Action, Digital Inclusion, Gig Workers, Platform Economy

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