18 December 2020

Platform Economy

Women, Work, and Voice in the Gig Economy

Rapid advancements in technology are driving a new digital ecosystem of work. The COVID-19 crisis is accelerating the pace of change and will create new prospects for people seeking to earn an income online. Against this backdrop, the Women, Work, and the Gig Economy consortium, supported by IDRC, hosted a panel discussion that examined how these new modes of work are (re)configuring labour markets, especially for women.  What opportunities and challenges do women face in this new world of online work?  What modes of organization can help women harness the benefits of participation and minimize the costs?

by Balaji Krishnaswami, Gillian Dowie, Gurpreet Singh, Janine Berg, Payal Arora, Sabina Dewan
Amazon India, Awign, Erasmus University Rotterdam, International Development Research Centre, International Labour Organization, JustJobs Network

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