17 March 2021

Platform Economy

The Gig Sisters Episode 1: In the Mood for Food

The COVID-19 lockdown forced many businesses, big or small, to innovate and find creative ways to stay relevant. This included small restaurant owners and home-chefs across the country. In the first episode of The Gig Sisters, we look at the stories of three women entrepreneurs in the food space and how they leveraged platforms to sustain themselves when everything else came to a standstill. Do their differing strategies tell us something about how platforms operate and what that means for their business? The Gig Sisters is a new podcast by the Jobs Initiative at the Centre for Policy Research. It is an output of a collaborative research project called Digital Platforms and Women’s Work in Sri Lanka and India. Our partners on the project are World Resources Institute India, Indian Institute for Human Settlements, LIRNEasia in Sri Lanka. The project is a part of the Women, Work, and Gig Economy consortium managed by the JustJobs Network and funded by the International Development Research Centre.

by Mukta Naik, Prerna Seth, Sabina Dewan
Centre For Policy Research, Indian Institute For Human Settlements, JustJobs Network, LIRNEasia, World Resources Institute India
COVID-19, Gig Work, Platform Economy, Platform Workers, Women

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